Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's plan and enjoy your Bike Tour.

Let's plan and enjoy your Bike Tour.

The very first thing you’ll need to do is to get an updated road map, a topographic map and weather information for the area you intend to tour. Secondly decide how far you're comfortable riding each day, keeping in mind that you'll be riding for several successive days. 

You may decide whether you'll camp or stay in hotels, and make appropriate reservations. Make called of your friend to go along with you in a car if you don't intend to bring your gear. You’ve to spot the main road you may take for your tour. 

Ask travel guides for the scenic routes. For shoulder information informs your local transportation authorities, and avoids roads with gravel or no shoulders. Try not to plan a ride that keeps you heading into the wind. If you plan for long rides take some rest days (days with fewer miles).

Obviously you need to prepare and identify stops for water, food and mechanical assistance, and plan accordingly.

Require Things You'll Need

1) Bikes
2) Travel Guides
3) Padded Bicycle Shorts
4) Maps
5) All-purpose Bike Tools
6) Bike Pumps
7) Gel-cushioned Bicycle Saddles
8) Panniers
9) Touring Bike

Tips:For longer trips, plan 1 day off the bike for rest and sightseeing every week to 10 days. Scheduling too many hills on consecutive days will wear you down quickly. If possible, plan most of the uphill travel for the beginning of your trip.

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