Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trek Bicycle Store-Pittsburgh Pro Bicycles

Pittsburgh, PA 
Number of locations: 3
Years in business: 22 
Square footage (main location): 7,000
Number of employees at height of season: 30 
Owners: David Blank and Alan Orlansky 
Manager: Jason Wright

What Sets You Apart: We do a lot of team-building activities. We do a
monthly get-together for the staff ranging from a baseball game, bowling
or just dinner and drinks. The entire staff is extremely close. One of the
owners started working in the store when he was 10 years old sweeping
the floors. Every decision we make we ask ourselves how this would benefit
the customer. We have a “mom and pop” atmosphere that you get in a small
trek bicycle store but with the selection of bikes, parts and accessories that you get
anywhere else in the country. By carrying the best brands in the industry,
we are able to choose the best products and stock them for our customers,
thus eliminating redundant products in the store. We make the process of
buying a bicycle as easy as buying an inner tube. When someone comes in
to buy a bicycle, we interview them fi rst so we know what bicycle will best
suit their needs.

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