Monday, March 2, 2009

Trek Bicycle Store

Schererville, IN
Number of locations: 1
Years in business: 2
Square footage: 7,500
Number of employees at height of season: 27
Owner: David Eenigenburg
Manager: Chad Wolfe

What Sets You Apart: We are truly dedicated to making a difference in our
community, continually working with local governments to improve traffi c
patterns to include cyclists. If our clients love cycling and we can provide
them with safe and fun places to enjoy it, our business will continue to
fl ourish. Our store is beside the abandoned Pennsylvania Railway Corridor,
and the owner has been working to develop this into a bike trail network,
which would connect fi ve towns by bicycle. In 2007, we were awarded $1.5
million to start work. It’s part of the American Discovery Trail (ADT), which
will someday stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacifi c Ocean.

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