Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trek Bicycle Store-Bokoo Bikes

Trek Bicycle Store-Bokoo Bikes

Chanhassen, MN
Number of locations: 2
Years in business: 7
Square footage (main location): 11,000
Number of employees at height of season: 35
Owner: Ed Vigil
Manager: Lance Schultz

Our founder has been able to apply his knowledge and experience as an international commodities trader to our industry, and give us the edge to deliver the ultimate experience to our customers. Since opening in 2000 we have been at the forefront of providing an exceptional bicycle retail environment. By reinvesting our money and resources into the business, it allows us to constantly tweak and refi ne our business using the kaizen philosophy. We monitor our business like a large corporation, using reports from our retail software to track trends and review the history of the business. This allows us to create a plan to achieve our goals. All of this allows us to deliver the ultimate retail experience to our customers.

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